Hoe installeer ik gateway 30?

1Unboxing gateway 30/accessory
1. Print
2. Detachable sticker
2Disconnect the appliance from the power source
3De-attach the sticker from the back of the GTW-30 and stick this on the housing of the appliance and visible to the end user.
4Mount the GTW-30 in the control box of the appliance and mechanical secure the GTW-30 inside the control box using the four open holes in the PCB.
5Connect the GTW-30 to the Local BUS of the appliance.
6Connect power to the appliance. 
7Run auto detect on the appliance Auto detect on Quinta Ace:
Auto detect on Gas 220 Ace:
to detect devices connected to the bus;1. Press the menu key2. Select Activated service menu> Automatic detection.3. Select Confirm to perform the automatic detection.
8The GTW-30 will start-up and LED will turn green after a few minutes.LED indicators
9Optional: an antenna might be required for locations with poor mobile network connection.